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German magazine Focus has a story about how “peak oil” doesn’t seem to be happening and U.S. oil production could overtake Saudi Arabia’s and Russia’s this decade. Here’s an English link about that and here’s what seems to be the source: An article by Citigroup.

There’s some great economist who predicted that “every trend in material human welfare has been improving–and promises to continue to do so, indefinitely”. (Actually, already Herman Kahn knew that “energy costs as a whole are very likely to continue the historical downward trend indefinitely … Except for temporary fluctuations caused by bad luck or poor management, the world need not worry about energy shortages or costs in the future”.)

Time will continue to prove them right.


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The Economist has an article describing a Charter City approach in Honduras. If we (most of all, the people of Honduras) are lucky, Paul Romer‘s idea will indeed come true and give prosperity to unknown millions of human beings.

What are Charter Cities? Bryan Caplan speaks about it better than I could, so here you go:

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