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A certain feminist by the name of Melanie Mühl complains bitterly about fellow (younger?) women in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. The main problem seems to be that younger women seem to be less feministic then herself. They, so Ms. Mühl, seem to have that idea that they are not actually hold back by society because of their sex. Not so!, claims Ms. Mühl:  First of all,  many years ago there was a German TV commercial about business women! That seems to play some role for Ms. Mühl, but I couldn’t gather exactly why. Also, a German single mother whose child is sent to some (state-financed) kindergarden stop getting money for having a child, once that child is three years of age! Ms. Mühl calls that “being forced to work full-time”. Thus, not getting money the state stole from her fellow citizens (men?) seems to be a problem as well. Also featuring in her list of complains: Couples choosing certain divisions of labor. Or at least, women being happy with certain divisions of labor in their relationships (“I clean more because I care about cleanliness more” = bad, bad, bad!).  The choices of women seem to be bad in general: On average they don’t work that much and (thereby, also Ms. Mühl forgets about this implication) don’t get the same average pay. That really bothers Ms. Mühl, who seems to want women’s choices not to matter in their lifes. Or does she want to make those choices herself for all womanhood? That, too, wasn’t entirely clear from the article.

Having read that, here’s something to make the pain go away: Dalrock on “the missing fear”. Go and read that! It’s too funny and too true to not be read.


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